Bridal 2015 – ‘Vigilant Sleep’

“Sleeping birds often use a type of sleep known as ‘vigilant sleep’, where periods of rest are interspersed with quick eye-opening ‘peeks’, allowing them to be sensitive to disturbances and enable rapid escape from threats.” – Wikipedia

In response to the many requests we’ve had over the years for a Birds of North America style wedding dress, we present our first ever bridal collection, ‘Vigilant Sleep’.

This selection of five styles is drawn from the vintage inspired silhouettes that comprise Birds of North America’s seasonal collections. All of the dresses are fully lined and available in white or ivory, sizes 2-16. Every style, with the exception of ‘Flutter’ even has pockets!

We hope our collection will give you a beautiful, made-in-Canada option for your special day.

Hayley Gibson.