Fall-Winter 2014

The nothing, the void, le néant: it is all around us. It only takes the lights going out for a few moments to feel the vastness and depth of the darkness. I was thinking about Le Petit Prince while working on this collection. As a child, looking at the images of him floating in space, alone on a barren rock, gave me a disembodied sensation – a visceral, instinctual understanding of how tiny and vulnerable my fragile body is in the vast universe.

Everything we feel is in our bodies. Alone in the dark we weep blood and tears and ooze our soft, warm life all over the soil of the earth. Our hearts so full they ache, our skin a thin, fragile membrane between all we feel and the infinite void.

Our model this season, Juliette, was beautiful inside and out. A single rose existing in the barren darkness of winter. Our fall collection an offering to the darkness as well – a heart-burst explosion penetrating the crushing emptiness, if just for a moment.